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Employee Spotlight of the Month Brandi Thomas


Brandi Thomas

Brandi Thomas exemplifies everything a hard worker is and does. She truly is the one who runs the restaurant when Michael is out of town or not in the office. Michael may call the shots, but Brandi makes sure everything is running smoothly and customers are happy. She has worked for Delancy’s since she was the young age of 14 and started out as a dishwasher. When she first started, Delancy’s was solely a catering company and then a year later they opened the restaurant. She has left a couple of times to pursue other careers and job opportunities, but has always come back to her home here at Delancy’s.

“We are so blessed and grateful to have someone like Brandi managing our restaurant.” Says owner Michael Thomas.”I am very fortunate to have Brandi as a key part of my management team.”

She can do any job at Delancy’s from the front door to the back kitchen and everything in between. “She fills the spots and gets the job done” says one coworker. To be in management you need someone who is going to get the task done, work hard, and will not be afraid to deal with hard situations. Brandi is just that. Her character brings forth a smile on your face as she greets you while taking your order. From all of us at Delancy’s we thank you for your dedication.

When asked the following questions Brandi responded:

What is your favorite thing about Delancy’s?

“That’s hard to say because for me this restaurant is Michael’s, but it’s my baby too. In my mind anyways because I have been here since the beginning and it is my families business. This is my life it’s not what I like or don’t like it’s the fact I’ve seen this business evolve and I have been a part of it. I am proud of this restaurant.”

What is your favorite thing on Delency’s Menu?

Mill Grill

Mill Grill

“Probably the Meal Grill. It is my go to”

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